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Favorite Blogs for Health and Wellness.

Hello colder, darker evenings. Apart from my regular yoga practice and friend visits, I tend not to do much else in the evenings this time of year. It's the perfect time to create rituals that restore and maintain the health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. There is such a sacredness to Winter, to slowing down, and re calibrating. To digging deep into our selves and planting seeds for the seasons to come. This can be really uncomfortable, I mean, we get settled into one season and bam! it's changed again. This goes for other seasons too, like the season's of our relationship to our self, our mothering/friendships/marriages/careers. It's all constantly ebbing and flowing, some more abruptly than other, but nonetheless when we are in sync with the rhythm of Nature, and do what our human bodies but cosmic souls are supposed to do in Winter, its easier to weather them. And not merely survive the Winter, but thrive. You know, that thing we are supposed to do but sometimes get in our own way of doing. 

Which brings me to sharing a few of my favorite blogs and resources! One, It gives you something to read on those lovely long evenings, and two, they are inspirational, educational and full of resources to help you thrive.

Flopsy Life

Brittney from flopsy life, runs a blog, a "guide to simple, curated living for those who feel they don't quite fit this world" that is somewhat hard to put into words, you just have to go visit her and take a tour. She opens up conversations about anxiety and depression, sharing recipes, things that inspire her, gives tips on wellness and basically shows us what it is to be human. One of my favorite feels from the blog is the way that Britt celebrates others - their creativity and energy. And, it's all captured by Isaac, Brittney's partner who does the photography. I just love it! 

Image taken from  by Isaac Peters Photography 

Image taken from by Isaac Peters Photography 



Kelsey Schaivon

Kelsey and I connected through our love of Natural Beauty, based out of Calgary, she is a Holistic Nutritionist and Mindful Beauty Educator. What's that exactly? She runs workshops and demos, and basically show us how to simplify our beauty routine, in a mindful and holistic way. I love her blog for recipes and diy beauty treatments and for the utterly beautiful and feminine way she shares her beauty.  I've tried a bunch of her recipes, both skin food and food food! She generously shares @kelseyschiavon

I mean, how beautiful does this look? Find it over on

I mean, how beautiful does this look? Find it over on


Kori Leigh

Kori, who among other kick ass things, is a Holistic Nutritionist and Lifecoach based out of Calgary. She runs workshops, retreats and courses on self care!! This online course runs over nine weeks and is for women only! 

Her words on the course ''We dive into everything {self-care}, from digestion to the effects of stress to weight loss, gut health, liver love, body image, goal setting, stress management, sleep hygiene, overcoming obstacles, immunity, detox and sex-talk. This is more than a "food program" or a "diet" -- this program is a way of life. This program is the beginning of the journey into your heart centre -- the birthplace of your ability to care for self first. ''

Sleep hygiene?? So important, and one I admit to sacrificing for the sake of my yoga practice, or reading, or spending time with my husband. Kori shares the most beautiful recipes and health boosting elixirs and she has inspired me to skip my morning coffee for an adaptogen latte. More than that she bares her soul in the most authentic and real ways, sharing her struggles with depression and darkness but ultimately showing us that there is always light. 

Image shared from   So good!!

Image shared from  So good!!



Mark Groves @createthelove

I follow Mark on Instagram and he posts genuine, real and balanced advice on relationships. Life gets full, raising families, running businesses and often the first thing to get neglected is the relationship with our significant other, the relationship that is our strongest pillar of support for all of the awesome things we are doing.  Mark says on his website  that great relationships happen by choice, we create them. I couldn't agree more! Just like the relationship to self, they need constant tending to, one of the greatest joys about being in a long term relationship is the growth and evolution that occurs, it just needs weeding and loving along the way. 

Image and words by  @createthelove

Image and words by @createthelove


I've found it really worthwhile to look at who and what (ahem recent news) I follow on Social Media, to question the amount of time i spend on social media, what sort of images and messages am I allowing myself to be the recipient of?  Being more mindful and conscious has allowed me to make some real connections and I love this! Let's keep it balanced though, and enriched, with holistic and meaningful content.