Harmony Hydrosol 2 oz.

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Harmony Hydrosol 2 oz.


A simple spritz has the power to hold you in a moment. Captivated by soft and sweet aromas, refreshed and hydrated due to the unique properties of hydrosols, these multitaskers are a perfect accompaniment to your skin caring ritual. 

Used alone, throughout the day to mist your space, your face, your yoga mat. Synergistically as part of your skin caring ritual, to help with absorption of precious oils and as mixer to your therapeutic clays, let the simplicity of a spritz gently pull you back to the present moment and allow it to work it's magical earthy powers.

Distillate of botanicals chamomile and orange blossom, with added drops of sandalwood essential oil, the aroma of this hydrosol is sweet and woodsy. Instantly calming frazzled minds and irritated skins. 

Made with Love. 

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Chamomile hydrosol, Orange blossom hydrosol, Sandalwood essential oil. 


Use to mix with oils and clay masks

Spritz the air and breathe in the relaxing aromas

Use to prep face before make up application, and after to set

Use to refresh and reset, lightly cleanse

Spritz skin during flights and travel to keep hydrated


"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

     Coco Chanel.