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RITUAL Facial Oil


RITUAL Facial Oil


Carefully selected with just 3 potent plant oils and two essential flower oils, we want your skin to receive as much of this plant magic as possible. Chosen for it’s unique blend of fatty acids and high in skin protective antioxidants. Antimicrobial, rejuvenating and cell protective.

Argan - We choose argan for it’s potent antioxidants and skin protective capabilities. Polyphenols fight free radicals while sterols increases moisture retention (a good thing in this case!). Fatty acids maintain skin health, keeping it elastic and firm.  

Marula - We use Marula for it’s vitamin content! Vitamin C protects against environmental damage while vitamin E supports collagen and elastin production. High in anti microbial properties, marula helps to keep skin balanced.

Blackcurrant seed oil - we choose this beautiful oil for it’s high vitamin C content and it’s unique fatty acids which help heal and repair damaged skin. Helpful for chronic conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, it is high in anti-inflammatories.

We use precious and beautiful Rose oils for mood and spirit.

Rose Geranium - hormonal balance and skin clarity.

Rose Otto - for moisturizing, antiseptic and rejuvenation.

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Oils of Argan, Marula and Blackcurrant seed. Essential oils of rose geranium and rose otto.


Use as your skin needs,

3 - 4 drops as a facial moisturizer, spritz with hydrosol and massage over clean skin face and neck.

Add 1 - 2 drops to your favorite lotion for an added moisture boost.

Use with your favorite skin rollers and massage stones for a beautiful self caring skin treatment.