Chéile (pronounced kay-la) is the Irish word meaning harmony, and to be in balance.  Our Philosophy is simple - pure and natural ingredients, in simple but effective formulations, that work in harmony with your skin. Using only botanicals -  the essences from plants, flowers, seeds and nuts to feed our skin. 

At Cheile skincare we believe in the synergy of our environment and our community, we are interconnected and stronger together. We believe that creating small batches of pure, plant based skincare products contribute to the health and wellness of our skin microbiome. And that these acts of self care,  lovingly and intentionally applied, cultivates rituals  which may contribute towards feelings of health and wellness.

We do not believe in unnecessary packaging or filler ingredients, animal testing or cruelty. We do not anti age, skin shame or strive for perfection. We create products to support and nourish souls with skin, that we may live in balance and harmony with ourselves, each other and our beautiful natural world. We believe in the power of taking an Holistic approach towards health and wellness and are committed to our rituals of movement, play and in consuming wholesome and vital foods. We believe all beings are beautiful and beauty is everywhere - we just have to look! 



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